Spec commercial for BOSE - Soothing nature sounds are combined with mellow and vibey music to create a dream-like atmosphere for this artistic collaborative effort.

Custom Score for LaTrobe University - This music was written to create a tense, suspenseful and 'lurking' feeling of possible danger. A futuristic soundscape sets the tone for the high tech-based promotional piece. 

Score for UncleMay 'Back to Basics' Campaign - This music-driven short film is a creative collaboration focusing on style, self expression, and sass. Organic and synthetic elements blend to tell a story of jealousy with a few fun twists. 

Music for Woolworths Supermarkets Summer Sensorium campaign - Freshness and excitement are on display in this custom score for Woolworths. Heavy organic percussion punctuated with piano and string stabs set an energetic and upbeat feel for this fun promotional piece.

PNG Australia Awards - Informative and upbeat, this piece uses an energetic musical tone to help highlight an important program for the Australian Government.